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Additional Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

We are experienced in representing clients in commercial and land use litigation. We have handled disputes that include those arising out of contracts, real estate ventures, the administration of estates, insurance claims, ERISA issues, contractor disputes, and investment advice. Our experience includes arbitration, mediation, and every aspect of court proceedings. Our land use litigation work involves primarily ordinance challenges and appeals of land use board decisions in both federal and State court and at the trial and appellate level. We have negotiated the settlement of many cases, but are prepared to vigorously litigate every case where an advantageous settlement is not achievable. The partner representing you will handle all client contacts, from the initial consultation when the case is evaluated through all stages of litigation, including a full exploration of settlement possibilities. There will be no shifting of files or over-staffing of cases, with the loss of continuity and inefficiencies that come with it. We pride ourselves on both seeing the big picture and attention to detail, on the tenacity and persistence so important for litigation to be successful, and on timely responses to clients’ inquiries and needs.

Commercial and Divorce Mediation

Gerald Muller is a member of the New Jersey courts’ Roster of Mediators for Civil, General Equity and Probate Cases and a member of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators. He has successfully concluded a number of divorce mediations addressing the full range of divorce issues, including equitable distribution, spousal and child support, and parenting arrangements. Our approach to divorce mediation is to identify the issues at the outset and, to the extent the parties are amenable, having them fully engaged in resolving the issues themselves. The result is a process that is collaborative and efficient and fosters a positive framework for the spouses’ post-marriage life at a time when divorce could otherwise generate long-lasting acrimony and bitterness. We are team oriented and will suggest the use of other professionals when necessary to work through issues. Mr. Muller is also an experienced commercial mediator, mediating suits that include civil rights and ADA claims, contract disputes, commercial landlord-tenant matters, insurance disputes, and employment issues. Whatever the type of mediation, Mr. Muller works hard to earn the parties’ trust that he is a bias-free facilitator who is listening and exploring creative approaches that will be in their own best interest to pursue.

Corporate and Business Planning

We understand business issues and are experienced in the formation of commercial entities. At Miller Porter & Muller we work with you and your accountant and other advisors in selecting the form of business entity which best suits your objectives.  Should you form your organization as a corporantion with or without a S-Corp election, as a limited liability corporation, or as a general or limited partnership? In what other States will you be doing business that will require you to seek authorization to operate there as a foreign entity? Will you be starting a new business or buying an existing one? If you have partners or co-owners, have you considered buy-sell arrangements? Do you have intellectual property that needs to be protected? Have you assessed your risks and is appropriate insurance in place? If we don’t have all the answers, we can point you to others professionals. We are experienced in working collaboratively as part of a team.

Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Corporations

Whether it is a Family Foundation or a Public Charity, we can assist you in the formation and tax qualification of the entity.  We understand the State non-profit corporation law and the Federal tax law for obtaining Section 501(c)(3) status.  We can help with drafting by-laws and establishing conflict of interest guidelines.  Where appropriate we can guide your organization in achieving public charity status or in receiving tax determination letters reclassifying the organization.  We also understand what can be achieved through the use of a Community Foundation to avoid the expense of creating your own organization.